Sunday, 27 August 2017

Chores, edging and strawberries

Today I feel more like a piggy instead of a darepuppy. So I will refer to myself as pig. The whole weekend pig has been disgustingly horny and eating too much. She made a mess of her house, covering it with clothes, food supplies and toys. So today it was time to clean up. She got some help from a new made friend on Kinktalk Sir Trenho on making it a little more dreadful for her.

First she used the task from Sir Droptokon. Which included something she hates: edging. She had less time available, so she started her first edge at 4 pm and then set the timer for a hour later for another edge. After that first edge, she really didn’t want to go on. She was annoyed and frustrated and wanted much rather to push herself over that edge. But she didn’t! As instructed she went and got the frozen strawberries from the fridge and she managed to pop 5 of them into her asshole. She felt her bowels cramp up and thought for a minute she wouldn’t be able to last. Nevertheless she plugged the filthy hole with a buttplug and lubed her vibrator with toothepaste to seal that hungry cunt of her, covering it with panties to keep it in place. This was good for her anyway, this way piggy is forced to keep her hands out of her panties. The vibrator was put on the lowest stand. On her belly she wrote a motivational reminder: Fat Messy Piggy. On which she later also messed with her cigarette so now also a filthy pig covered in ash. She put on her tightest bra, and not having tacks she put a handfull of hardware (screws) in there instead. It’s pleasurably uncomfortable.

She then went on to her dishes, the more she moved around the kitchen the more she got turned on. Oh how excruciating it is to have the vibrator so low, it was very frustrating. And how long it takes to do chores, when you want to orgasm so badly. It definately helped Piggy to speed things up and work very hard! Halfway she checked the messages, and she heard cumming is not an option – maybe if he likes my report. Oh please do because she is so so so needy already and oh my god still a lot of edges ahead.

After a hour pig has sore nipples and a messy cunt, but she can deal with as long she doesn’t move much. She was at least glad there was nothing on her clit, she would not been able to keep herself from orgasming. The alarm for another edge was heard, and the edge was reached quite quickly – yet so much harder this time to not flow over. Pig wants to squeel and scream in frustration. She was told she could relieve herself and – well, ever pooped strawberries? Definately interesting. Almost looks like a chocolate dessert.

Sir Trenho told her to get naked for the rest of her chores and the edging. So the next thing was cooking dinner, naked. It was interesting to feel the warm glow against her skin, and the sputtering made her skin burn a few times. She couldn't have dinner without just another edge, desperately wondering why Pig signed up for this again. This wasn't funny anymore, she was just cooled down again and just as well riled up. The timer on her phone, coming to her mind more often and often, just waiting for when it will tell her again it's time..

Halfway dinner the alarm sounded again. It was a bit harder this time, the pig was getting sore. Did she mention how exhausting it is to bring yourself to an edge time after time, she is sweating and a wet spot is where she sat. And, in 8 minutes the torture began again.  At least she managed to finish dinner.

Another edge 8 minutes later, she told the vibrator she hated it. She didn't want to do this anymore, was too tired. She build up to an orgasm so fast that she only just in time managed to pull the wand away from her clit. This pig felt exhausted, but nonetheless set her timer again, at 4 minutes this time and telling herself she would not think this was a fun thing to try anytime soon again. 

4 minutes later, it did not take long to get back, pig was very turned on still. Her clit wanted to hide from the vibrator, it was relentless. She felt the first wave of orgasm wash over her and quickly shut it off and set the timer for 2 minutes later as she panted for air in exhaustion. She was almost done.

Between the 2 minutes and 1 minute timer the lazy pig didn't even get up anymore, resting in exhaustion face down her pillow. The last edge being so intense that she growled out loud, knowing it was not time yet to cum. At this point she had hesitated if she wanted it at all anymore, at least if she could stop with the edges. But when she had that last edge, certainly she knew she wanted that relief. So she asked permission from Sir Trenho. He told her 6 orgasms, or none at all. Even though piggy know this was almost impossible for her at this time, she wanted to try - but one earthshattering orgasm later she layed quivering and shaking on the bed, every slight touch making her jump. Nonetheless, she felt very proud of herself of how far she made this task and of all the chores she got done today. Hopefully it was an enjoyable read for you as well!

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