Friday, 23 August 2013

Eat on all fours

Another dare from Sir Petter Ivan. I was really excited about this dare because it's been something I've been curious to do for a while. He made it a little harder then I imagined though. He wanted me to have a healthy dinner from a bowl on the floor. On top of that I had to be naked, handcuffed and blindfolded while eating, wearing a buttplug..

For a meal I chose spinach, potatoes and a leftover sausage. I took it all to my room and after having chased away the cat (I did not want to share) stripped and got on all fours. Then the hard part, blindfolding myself and while not being able to see cuff my hands behind my back. After all done I tried to reach the bowl of food on the floor. I barely managed to take a lap and the second time I tried, I fell hard on my face. It really hurt and having my hands cuffed I tumbled over ending up hurt and cramped. This wasn't going to work.

I could either put the bowl higher or undo my hands. I chose for the last option, thinking it'd feel more like an animal to be eating from the actual floor. And that was right. Once I was able to place my hands next to me on the floor I was able to eat. I felt possibly more disgusting then with the oatmeal. I had to spread my legs wide to be able to reach the bowl and avoid food slipping away. My large tits were reaching to the floor. And my entire face was covered in spinach, it was even hanging from my nose. As I ate it I heard myself making noises, breathing heavily and it sounded as disgusting as I felt I was. I imagined how Sir Petter Ivan was stood next to me, holding his foot on my head like in the picture.

After finishing I felt like a true animal. And honestly I was sad to stop.. I'd rather stay on all fours. I'm still a bit fuzzy now and enjoying the humiliated afterglow... The plug is still in.. And gods, I'm craving for more.

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