Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fat Cow Cunt

It's been a while since I've written on here! But time to declare this blog alive again.. Yesterday I had an awesome dare day with Sir Petter again. It was a messy dare and I was very nervous and excited at the same time. Usually the preparations for a dare are just as fun, at least to me. The anticipation makes me drip before I've even started...

I was to put not only oatmeal in my panties, but also beans and yoghurt. I made a real nice, thick and slimey oatmeal with milk. It really smelled, I don't like the smell of oatmeal at all. I let it cool a little, but when I used it was still warm. It surely felt interesting between my buttocks and pussy. Then I scooped an entire can of beans with it, which was really disgusting as well. I used my hands to massage it all the right places. Finally I used the yoghurt, which was still chilled. That got an entire different sensation. To avoid that I would make a mess of the entire room I had taped myself up with plastic bags and ducktape. I had draped the bed with plastic as well. Via a hole in my panties there was my hitachi magic wall against my clit. And once installed on the bed I set my timer for twenty minutes, as this was the time I was supposed to last.

Because I know myself there was a punishment if I didn't last the entire time, which was a cold shower and not getting out of these panties. Once the hitachi activated I realized I was in trouble. It was really intense so close against my clit and really tight. The more I squirmed and moved, the more I felt the food moving around in my panties. It aroused me even more. I tried to tie my hands but they kept getting lose, so I gave up with that. For a long time I kept them held at the sides of my bed. Finally I got so aroused I started kneading the food against me, between my pussylips... That was really awesome and I came really hard. A bit too hard maybe because after that I flinched and moaned in torment. I really couldn't stand the hitachi against my clit anymore. The time should be almost over... Without too much thought I had turned off the hitachi, smelling myself and what was in my panties more then ever all I could think of was bath. Fuck that punishment, I thought. And much more excuses that made me think I had definately deserved my bath.

Sir made it clear to me that I was totally out of place here and reminded me very well. The nice warm afterglow of my bath was ruined because of a cold shower against my clit, making it numb and making me shatter in the cold. I edged once, then I just couldn't anymore so I stood in the corner, dripping in cold water waiting to dry up. On my nipples were pegs and they were hurting so much. I was sobbing and felt like a very bad puppy. And how I hated Sir at that moment too!

Afterwards I cooked dinner. I must say, even though I felt cold, I felt reborn. I was still pouting and feeling like a bad puppy, especially when I ate dinner from a bowl on the floor. Yet I felt much more energetic then before. Lovely! To cheer Sir up I agreed upon an earlier dare and went on Chaturbate to give a show and humiliate myself on webcam. Along with almost 40 people he watched me and told me what to do. I think we both loved it. I really felt humiliated and it made my pussy so wet. I wrote above my cunt 'Fat cow cunt for use and abuse'. Later on my thigh it said piggy slut. The comments were thrilling, they wanted to see my ass, tits and ofcourse I was more than willing... Finally I came really hard using my vibrator. Next time I will make sure to make a picture. I also bought a little piggy buttplug tail, so I can wiggle that for them. I am wondering if my name puppy is really appropiated anymore, what do you think - should I adjust my name to be like there: fat cow cunt? Other suggestions of course are as welcome.

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