Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Failed Dare

Today I received an ask in my inbox. I never had that happen before, usually it's just dares and no truth. In a weird way it was so personal it was arousing me to have to reply to a stranger. So I did and we talked, eventually also on Skype. He showed me some pictures that were quite disturbing. Of pussy with snails on it, leeches.. And blushing, I admitted it somehow made me still wet. I think mostly because of the idea of not being able to control and have something crawling down there...

He also showed me a picture of how a big cunt could be a good thing, having lots of space for pegs. I decided to try it, he dared me to use three pegs on outer and inner lips and two on the clit. I failed this dare. I first edged succesfully, which I hated but also am proud of because I usually don't even have the discipline to stop masturbating. After that I got my pegs. Halfway this stupid cunt realized that she didn't have the ammount of pegs required. Obviously you have two lips each side. Duh. Anyway, it hurt so much that I didn't even dare to think of putting one pin on my clit. It was slippery and painful and.. blah.

So I made a picture, I used four pegs finally. I am sorry for only completing this dare half. I guess my pussy is not as big as I thought, or at least the inner lips aren't.. and they are sensitive too!