Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cookies Punishment

So.. Obviously I need to lose weight. I have a lack of self control and Sir Petter Ivan is helping me by setting rewards and punishments for when it doesn't go right. This week was really bad. It was hot outside and I ate ice cream (actually more then once) and at one nighttime I binged on an entire pack of cookies. It were like these big filled ones, six of them. Like as much calories of I dont know, a pizza?

Anyway. The punishment was two pegs for each, so twelve total on my body for six minutes. Did I even tell him I HATE pegs? My nipples are very sensitive and just pointing at them I cringe. He didn't say where they had to be.. But I felt it was punishment I deserved still to put it on my least favorite spot. So yea half on the lips of my pussy and the other six on my breasts. OUCH. I then set the timer of my phone to six minutes. It barked when the time was up (lol I thought that was funny). Waiting the entire six minutes was not so funny.

It started hurting really bad after already two minutes. After four minutes I really wanted to stop but I kept thinking of myself and eating the cookies. Looking at my naked and fat body. It was all my own fault for getting this. So I stuck out the entire six minutes at which time I was howling out loud when I tried to shake the pegs of as told. The breasts ones came off the other ones wouldn't so finally I pulled them off myself, sorry Sir. My breasts and pussy lips are pounding in pain now. Oh and the pegs are wet. Well, six of them are.

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