Monday, 29 June 2015

Test Results

== My Human Sex Map ==
The link to my human sexmap, made upon request! *Click*

== Results from ==
100% Submissive
100% Bondage receiver
100% Degradation receiver
97% Pet
92% Primal (Prey)
91% Masochist
85% Slave
77% Experimentalist
72% Exhibitionist
68% Non-monogamist
65% Brat
62% girl/boy
38% Ageplayer
33% Voyeur
13% Vanilla
6% Daddy/Mommy
2% Sadist
1% Degradation giver
0% Primal (Hunter)
0% Dominant
0% Switch
0% Bondage giver
0% Brat tamer
0% Owner
0% Master/Mistress
0% All-Rounder
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fat Cow Cunt

It's been a while since I've written on here! But time to declare this blog alive again.. Yesterday I had an awesome dare day with Sir Petter again. It was a messy dare and I was very nervous and excited at the same time. Usually the preparations for a dare are just as fun, at least to me. The anticipation makes me drip before I've even started...

I was to put not only oatmeal in my panties, but also beans and yoghurt. I made a real nice, thick and slimey oatmeal with milk. It really smelled, I don't like the smell of oatmeal at all. I let it cool a little, but when I used it was still warm. It surely felt interesting between my buttocks and pussy. Then I scooped an entire can of beans with it, which was really disgusting as well. I used my hands to massage it all the right places. Finally I used the yoghurt, which was still chilled. That got an entire different sensation. To avoid that I would make a mess of the entire room I had taped myself up with plastic bags and ducktape. I had draped the bed with plastic as well. Via a hole in my panties there was my hitachi magic wall against my clit. And once installed on the bed I set my timer for twenty minutes, as this was the time I was supposed to last.

Because I know myself there was a punishment if I didn't last the entire time, which was a cold shower and not getting out of these panties. Once the hitachi activated I realized I was in trouble. It was really intense so close against my clit and really tight. The more I squirmed and moved, the more I felt the food moving around in my panties. It aroused me even more. I tried to tie my hands but they kept getting lose, so I gave up with that. For a long time I kept them held at the sides of my bed. Finally I got so aroused I started kneading the food against me, between my pussylips... That was really awesome and I came really hard. A bit too hard maybe because after that I flinched and moaned in torment. I really couldn't stand the hitachi against my clit anymore. The time should be almost over... Without too much thought I had turned off the hitachi, smelling myself and what was in my panties more then ever all I could think of was bath. Fuck that punishment, I thought. And much more excuses that made me think I had definately deserved my bath.

Sir made it clear to me that I was totally out of place here and reminded me very well. The nice warm afterglow of my bath was ruined because of a cold shower against my clit, making it numb and making me shatter in the cold. I edged once, then I just couldn't anymore so I stood in the corner, dripping in cold water waiting to dry up. On my nipples were pegs and they were hurting so much. I was sobbing and felt like a very bad puppy. And how I hated Sir at that moment too!

Afterwards I cooked dinner. I must say, even though I felt cold, I felt reborn. I was still pouting and feeling like a bad puppy, especially when I ate dinner from a bowl on the floor. Yet I felt much more energetic then before. Lovely! To cheer Sir up I agreed upon an earlier dare and went on Chaturbate to give a show and humiliate myself on webcam. Along with almost 40 people he watched me and told me what to do. I think we both loved it. I really felt humiliated and it made my pussy so wet. I wrote above my cunt 'Fat cow cunt for use and abuse'. Later on my thigh it said piggy slut. The comments were thrilling, they wanted to see my ass, tits and ofcourse I was more than willing... Finally I came really hard using my vibrator. Next time I will make sure to make a picture. I also bought a little piggy buttplug tail, so I can wiggle that for them. I am wondering if my name puppy is really appropiated anymore, what do you think - should I adjust my name to be like there: fat cow cunt? Other suggestions of course are as welcome.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Failed Dare

Today I received an ask in my inbox. I never had that happen before, usually it's just dares and no truth. In a weird way it was so personal it was arousing me to have to reply to a stranger. So I did and we talked, eventually also on Skype. He showed me some pictures that were quite disturbing. Of pussy with snails on it, leeches.. And blushing, I admitted it somehow made me still wet. I think mostly because of the idea of not being able to control and have something crawling down there...

He also showed me a picture of how a big cunt could be a good thing, having lots of space for pegs. I decided to try it, he dared me to use three pegs on outer and inner lips and two on the clit. I failed this dare. I first edged succesfully, which I hated but also am proud of because I usually don't even have the discipline to stop masturbating. After that I got my pegs. Halfway this stupid cunt realized that she didn't have the ammount of pegs required. Obviously you have two lips each side. Duh. Anyway, it hurt so much that I didn't even dare to think of putting one pin on my clit. It was slippery and painful and.. blah.

So I made a picture, I used four pegs finally. I am sorry for only completing this dare half. I guess my pussy is not as big as I thought, or at least the inner lips aren't.. and they are sensitive too!

Ultimate Degrading Questionnaire


Which gender do you primarily serve (mistresses or masters)?

Body Type?

Type Huge

Bra size?

Are they perky or saggy?

Pretty saggy

Are your nipples large or small?

Are they pronounced all the time or only when aroused?

Is your cunt shaven, trimmed, or natural?
At the moment slightly grown back to natural..

Are your inner labia tight and hidden or visible and saggy?
Visible and saggy

Is your clit large or small?

Do you get wet easily?
Yes, too easily

What's the largest phallic object you've ever fit in there?
Ehmm.. the cock of a black man

Is your asshole hairy?


Does it gape?
No.. it is very tight

What's the largest phallic object you've ever fit in your ass?
My inflatable buttplug

What's your favorite derogatory name to be called?
Worthless Fat Pig?

Describe your favorite underwear.
I prefer my boxershorts..

Are any of your panties stained?
Yes multiple are

Describe your most humiliating fantasy.
Be an object of sexual science in which they try to find out everthing of the womans body in pleasure and pain wise. Preferrably also being kept like an animal in a barn afterwards. Between regular animals...

What kinks are you ashamed of having?
Pretty much anything I do on this website. The cheap kind of humiliation.

Have you ever had an accident (pissed yourself) in your adult life?

Does your vanilla self greatly differ from your kinky self?
Yes she is quite decent lol

Do you have any nude or embarrassing photos? Link them.
Yes, they are in my photo album.

Do you enjoy it when people make fun of your physical features (fat ass, hairy cunt, saggy tits, etc.)
It makes me feel humiliated and wet.

Would you enjoy serving crowds/gangbangs?
It is a fantasy

What's the most publicly humiliating thing you've ever done?
Went once to the pharmacy with bullet inside and almost came before even reaching the door..

Would you agree that you're simply an object consisting of three holes to be used by others?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Eat on all fours

Another dare from Sir Petter Ivan. I was really excited about this dare because it's been something I've been curious to do for a while. He made it a little harder then I imagined though. He wanted me to have a healthy dinner from a bowl on the floor. On top of that I had to be naked, handcuffed and blindfolded while eating, wearing a buttplug..

For a meal I chose spinach, potatoes and a leftover sausage. I took it all to my room and after having chased away the cat (I did not want to share) stripped and got on all fours. Then the hard part, blindfolding myself and while not being able to see cuff my hands behind my back. After all done I tried to reach the bowl of food on the floor. I barely managed to take a lap and the second time I tried, I fell hard on my face. It really hurt and having my hands cuffed I tumbled over ending up hurt and cramped. This wasn't going to work.

I could either put the bowl higher or undo my hands. I chose for the last option, thinking it'd feel more like an animal to be eating from the actual floor. And that was right. Once I was able to place my hands next to me on the floor I was able to eat. I felt possibly more disgusting then with the oatmeal. I had to spread my legs wide to be able to reach the bowl and avoid food slipping away. My large tits were reaching to the floor. And my entire face was covered in spinach, it was even hanging from my nose. As I ate it I heard myself making noises, breathing heavily and it sounded as disgusting as I felt I was. I imagined how Sir Petter Ivan was stood next to me, holding his foot on my head like in the picture.

After finishing I felt like a true animal. And honestly I was sad to stop.. I'd rather stay on all fours. I'm still a bit fuzzy now and enjoying the humiliated afterglow... The plug is still in.. And gods, I'm craving for more.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Oatmeal Punishment

Punishment number two. Urgh how I wish it would be another one like the last. This was quite ehh, not fun. Because I ate the icecream I mentioned in my other blog Sir Petter Ivan punished me by making me act like a pig. I was to smear my entire body with oatmeal and stay hogtied for a hour.

I never made oatmeal before but it was one sticky mesh for sure. I layed out some garbage bags and towels on the floor to avoid it getting all messed up on the carpet and then started smearing myself. It actually felt kinda good.. It was a nice feeling on my body and I made sure I was all well covered in it.. After that I was pretty disgusting and stuck the end of the spoon in my ass as told and tied my legs my wrists. The alarm was going off after a hour. That was. One. Long. Hour.

First I was kind of relaxed. I didn't really feel so dirty yet but the more time passed the more I became aware of the oatmeal. It started drying up and pulling on my skin and then somewhat itched. Also the spoon started burning in my ass. Now and then the discomfort would change back to being aroused and frustrated. I could reach the spoon with my fingers but not my pussy and it was craving for my touch. The discomfort would come back and after a while my legs started really cramping. I had no idea how much time had passed and was getting really sore. In my mind I kept telling me I was bad and imagine how people would laugh if they saw me like this.

 Finally the phone started barking (lol there were no oinks) I never was so relieved to hear it. Seriously that plastic bags and towels made no much less of a mess. There were crumbs all around me. I was suppose to lick it but it was all dried up by time and I was so disgusted once I tried it started gagging. I was seriously worried about the mess it made and the cleaning up afterwards might have been the worst punishment. Tomorrow I'll have more caus the towels are horrible and there are some stains in the carpet. (Yup do not try this at home) I'm proud though that I managed to stick it out. If I wouldn't there would be no showering until tomorrow and that thought was unbearable.. Also it did work. Because when I went downstairs later and saw the bags of potato chips I immediatly changed my mind on getting some...

Cookies Punishment

So.. Obviously I need to lose weight. I have a lack of self control and Sir Petter Ivan is helping me by setting rewards and punishments for when it doesn't go right. This week was really bad. It was hot outside and I ate ice cream (actually more then once) and at one nighttime I binged on an entire pack of cookies. It were like these big filled ones, six of them. Like as much calories of I dont know, a pizza?

Anyway. The punishment was two pegs for each, so twelve total on my body for six minutes. Did I even tell him I HATE pegs? My nipples are very sensitive and just pointing at them I cringe. He didn't say where they had to be.. But I felt it was punishment I deserved still to put it on my least favorite spot. So yea half on the lips of my pussy and the other six on my breasts. OUCH. I then set the timer of my phone to six minutes. It barked when the time was up (lol I thought that was funny). Waiting the entire six minutes was not so funny.

It started hurting really bad after already two minutes. After four minutes I really wanted to stop but I kept thinking of myself and eating the cookies. Looking at my naked and fat body. It was all my own fault for getting this. So I stuck out the entire six minutes at which time I was howling out loud when I tried to shake the pegs of as told. The breasts ones came off the other ones wouldn't so finally I pulled them off myself, sorry Sir. My breasts and pussy lips are pounding in pain now. Oh and the pegs are wet. Well, six of them are.