Saturday, 27 July 2013

Oatmeal Punishment

Punishment number two. Urgh how I wish it would be another one like the last. This was quite ehh, not fun. Because I ate the icecream I mentioned in my other blog Sir Petter Ivan punished me by making me act like a pig. I was to smear my entire body with oatmeal and stay hogtied for a hour.

I never made oatmeal before but it was one sticky mesh for sure. I layed out some garbage bags and towels on the floor to avoid it getting all messed up on the carpet and then started smearing myself. It actually felt kinda good.. It was a nice feeling on my body and I made sure I was all well covered in it.. After that I was pretty disgusting and stuck the end of the spoon in my ass as told and tied my legs my wrists. The alarm was going off after a hour. That was. One. Long. Hour.

First I was kind of relaxed. I didn't really feel so dirty yet but the more time passed the more I became aware of the oatmeal. It started drying up and pulling on my skin and then somewhat itched. Also the spoon started burning in my ass. Now and then the discomfort would change back to being aroused and frustrated. I could reach the spoon with my fingers but not my pussy and it was craving for my touch. The discomfort would come back and after a while my legs started really cramping. I had no idea how much time had passed and was getting really sore. In my mind I kept telling me I was bad and imagine how people would laugh if they saw me like this.

 Finally the phone started barking (lol there were no oinks) I never was so relieved to hear it. Seriously that plastic bags and towels made no much less of a mess. There were crumbs all around me. I was suppose to lick it but it was all dried up by time and I was so disgusted once I tried it started gagging. I was seriously worried about the mess it made and the cleaning up afterwards might have been the worst punishment. Tomorrow I'll have more caus the towels are horrible and there are some stains in the carpet. (Yup do not try this at home) I'm proud though that I managed to stick it out. If I wouldn't there would be no showering until tomorrow and that thought was unbearable.. Also it did work. Because when I went downstairs later and saw the bags of potato chips I immediatly changed my mind on getting some...

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